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Herndon, VA

 I have been upstairs just staring at our dresser you decorated this morning. So pretty! And I love our mantel.  It looks so pretty with that greenery and mirror. LOVE! As soon as we can save up more decorating money (ha!), I am going to have you help with paint colors in other rooms, new bedding for the guest bedroom, and new office furniture. I am loving my house more than I ever thought I would. I wanted to move. Now I am loving my new space. So pretty. And the biggest surprise for me is how Russell went from being so hesitant to absolutely talking constantly about how much he loves it all. So happy.

Alexandria, VA

We hired Susan to help guide us through some cosmetic updates and I am so thankful. We avoided some big mistakes and she saved us $ by showing how simple changes could be just as impactful as big ones. We’ve been so happy with the results! 

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