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Residential Interior Design

9108  designs gets it name from a historic home we owned on the East Coast.  From its worn wooden stairs to the nail head poking up from the hardwood, 9108 was a place where love abounded for our family. ​


My current home boasts decorative wooden shutters brought from the shed of 9108, as well as  pieces of old siding found in the shed that is wall decor in my daughter's room.  I enjoy blending the old and the new, while bringing stylish ideas to my decorating.  My clients have challenged me with a variety of projects including main level and kitchen layouts, main level redecorating, changing a closet into a mudroom area and creating custom accessories.  I have loved decorating for many years and am excited to help turn your vision into a reality. 

Wooden Window


Susan Peters

Clifton, VA


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